A modest solar home in the Colorado Rockies for Native American flute player, R. Carlos Nakai and family. Three solar electric tracking arrays are tucked away behind the home to the north just beyond the shade line of the house at any time of the year, so as not to interfere with the view and sun to the south. This home maintains a average temperature throughout the year of 55 degrees F passively, so additional space heating is minimal by the support systems.

A some-what typical battery based solar electric installation for an off-grid energy independent home may or may not employ a back up generator as determined by the client.

One of our home designs for a family of four in Delta, Colorado nearing the final completion stage in the fall of '01. We built this home for a cost of $93/square foot, including the design fee and percentage at completion and providing all project management and general contracting. The home's exterior walls and main floor are entirely of concrete resulting in substantial thermal mass built into the structure. The challange here was to provide cooling in the extreme heat of the summer (in the 90's and 100's) and warmth in the winter, where temperatures average in the 20's and 30's and can go as low as 20 or 30 degrees Farenheit below zero. The client is pleased with the feel and performance of the home.